About Joe & Policies


Finders fee

If you love what you’ve seen so far with Joe’s Piano Lessons, don’t keep me a secret!

When a new student fills out their registration form, there is a question about where they found out about Joe’s Piano Lessons. If they put your name as the answer, you will receive a finders fee worth half of the new student’s first payment!

Water Bottles and Headphones

You are welcome to bring Water bottles and your own set of headphones to class. If you do decide to bring headphones, they must have a wire. My current Keyboards do not connect to Bluetooth headphones.

Drop off and Pickup

When dropping off students you have a few options:

A. Make sure they are able to enter the house, and then drive away.

B. Make sure they enter the house, then drive to another road in the neighborhood to park and wait in your car. This way we don’t end up with too many cars parked in front of my house.

C. Park in the right side of my driveway, or on the side of the road close to my house and come in the house to either take a class yourself, or sit on the couch and wait. I prefer parents do not use this option, but it is available if needed.

When picking up students, please be on time. Each class is 55 minutes long so that I can meet with the parents in the 5-minute window before the next class begins. Simply pull up either in the right side of my driveway or on the side of the road as close to my house as possible, and wait for me and the students to come out of the house.

If a parent is late to pick up, I will bring the student back inside to wait. When the parent arrives they will need to come inside the house to get the student.

Holidays, Conventions, and Vacations

I teach through the summer, and most of the year, but these are the weeks of the year that I do not teach piano:

1. Thanksgiving

2. Christmas

3. New Years

4. State Piano Teacher Convention

5. National Piano Teacher Convention

6. Personal Vacation week 1

7. Personal Vacation week 2

This means that you are guaranteed 45 lessons per year instead of 52. This will not affect the monthly payments. A month with 3 lessons will be charged the same as a month with 5 lessons. The system is designed to make 12 equal payments per year for a guaranteed 45 total lessons.

Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees are charged automatically on the 15th of every month. All payments are non-refundable.

book fees: Your first set of books and all other Joe’s Piano Lessons supplies or merchandise was included in your first payment. You will be charged for any books after the first set.

recital or event fees: If you choose to participate in a recital or event, there will be a fee per student.

Discounts: If your immediate family has 3 or more students attending lessons, there is a $10 discount per student.

Reservations: If you plan to leave piano for a month or more before returning, you may choose to reserve your time slot for half price. This is not mandatory, but If you do not reserve your time slot, it can be given away to another student while you are gone.

Absences and Makeups

Absences of any kind do not change the monthly price.

Unexcused absences include

1. any class where I was not notified before the class begins.

2. vacations

If you take initiative to make up these classes, you will still be allowed to make them up, however I do not track these absences past July or January when I refresh my attendance charts.

Excused Absences include

1. Any weather, emergency or sickness that requires me to cancel classes.

2. Any missed class where I was notified before the class began.

I will track an excused absence for however long a student stays with me. You can make it up at any time.


For excused absences you can find the calendar of classes below. Find a suitable class with fewer than 5 other students in it, and text me the day and time you want to do the makeup. I will confirm and record the makeup on the calendar.

There are no makeups for students who aren’t currently active/paying for the month.


Should you need to end classes, If possible, please give me a 30 days notice to prepare to refill your spot. To cancel your Musicbuk payment you will need to cancel your payment 48 hours before the payment would be charged.

I will only dismiss a student if they request it, or if I have not seen or heard from them in 3 weeks. As a courtesy, please let me know if you will be ending classes so that I do not have to wait the 3 weeks before refilling your time slot.


I occasionally post updates and student successes to Facebook, so if you are on Facebook, you should go like my page!


Joe Naquin teaches piano lessons in Euless, TX. He is a member of the Music Teachers National Association and Mid-Cities Music Teachers Association. He began taking lessons in junior high with Mrs. Jane Harmisson. He received a bachelors degree in music performance from Northwestern University under Dr. Hirshfield, Dr. Rushing, and Dr. Fitenko. It was at Northwestern University that he discovered the satisfaction and pride of teaching people the joy playing the piano can bring. Joe continues to take piano lessons from Dr. Rozalie Levant today.

Since May of 2008, Joe has been teaching students of all ages and ability levels, including those who struggle with learning disorders and physical disabilities. Joe’s passion is teaching others how to succeed and helping them achieve their own life goals. Joe believes that musical expression can be a beautiful and creative outlet for anyone and everyone who is willing to learn and do the work.