Piano Lessons

Lessons are taught in Joe’s Euless, Texas home. At a student’s first lesson, they will establish personal goals and get started down the path towards achieving them. Whether the student aspires to play highly challenging classical music, or just wants to be able to play in church or a band, the approach and lesson plans will be uniquely designed for each student.

There will be studio recitals twice a year to give students a chance to show off their hard work in a fun and exciting way. It is optional for beginners and adults to play at these shows, but they will be required to attend to support the other students. Students are required to practice at home in order to continue developing on what they learned during their lesson.

Hardworking students can expect to be prepared for theory tests, piano festivals, World of Music Tests, performing in ensembles, performing chamber music, original music compositions contests, recitals, and publication competitions.

Current teaching hours are 3:30pm-8:30pm on weekdays, but you may call for information any time on any day. Please check out the policies on the About page and the Calendar for availability. Contact Joe today with any questions or to schedule a lesson.