Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons: Where your kid wants to practice

I am a parent myself,  I have three boys involved in various programs some they love, and some not so much.  My Youngest hated swimming so much we finally just gave up.

These days I’ve made a point to talk to many of my studio parents about the challenges we all face in finding the right piano lessons programs for your kids.  Here’s a few common fears that often come up in some form or another:
• How they just know their kids will probably enjoy it for a while and then lose motivation.
• How they want their child to find a teacher they love and look forward to going to lessons with.
• How their piano lessons experience was lacking and they don’t want that same experience for their child.

I get it, I’ve experienced the bad side of all of these fears in various activities for my kids but then one day this happened:

We noticed our oldest was into dance so we put him in a class and next thing you know he’s practicing every day and showing off to every random stranger he could find.

What I learned from that experience was, as a piano teacher, my main mission is to take students who already are interested in piano,  and instead of dampening that love, light a fire under them.  Imagine:

  • Your child loves going to piano and hates to miss a lesson
  • Students are happy to practice because its fun for them so they practice 5 days a week plus the lesson.  You never have to fight to make them practice.
  • You are always up to date on how your child is doing because the teacher updates you after every class
  • Your child is thriving and engaged and learning in a fun environment, so they leave piano class with a smile on their face

And so over the last few years I have taken the old strict, structured, and formal way of teaching piano and overhauled it.  I have created a system to light fires instead of toss water on students.  These days its pretty common for my students to tell me they’ve practiced every day.  I ask them if their parents made them do it and they tell me to my face “No, We just like it.”

I love watching as the students are leaving, checking to see that they have a smile on their face.

Let me tell you about the program that I now use to make this happen!

Introducing…The Accelerated Piano Program

The Accelerated Piano Program is a teaching style designed specifically to show students how easy the piano can be to learn if done the right way and to make sure they are smiling while they learn.  As they go through the program and play in recitals and quickly complete books, they will have proof that they can actually do this!

The Accelerated Piano Program is for anyone age 6 and up who has a desire to learn piano.

When your child joins the Accelerated Piano Program as a beginner they will

1. Learn to sight read in their first full lesson
2. Finish their first full book in four months
3. Perform in their first recital in the first seven months.

“My main concern initially was that he wouldn’t be motivated to practice at home or would lose interest.  That hasn’t been the case!”

Let me tell you how this system affected my students



This is Makenzie, she started piano at 8 years old.  She has always played piano beautifully and with emotion, but a few years into lessons she stopped practicing or progressing.

Up until that point I had been teaching the same old strict, structured, and formal way that was taught to me.  But then I began teaching the accelerated piano program and  it was like a switch flipped! 

suddenly she was motivated to play again! She performed in a recital for the first time in years and is now on her 8th year of taking piano with me!

On top of all of that, when you sign up for the Accelerated Piano Program, you will receive the following extra recources and benefits!

1. Your first set of books will be included for free!
2. You will be able to download the Joe’s Piano Lessons Flashcards app for free!
3. You will have access to the constantly up to date Joe’s Piano Lessons calendar for super easy makeups

The Free Piano Kickoff Lesson

To get started, Joe’s Piano Lessons uses The Free Piano Kickoff Lesson. This is where we cover all your concerns and questions about the Accelerated Piano Program! I’ll also show you how it keeps your child motivated and having fun over the long term.

Bennett’s parents called me up one day worried. It was blatantly obvious that their kid was very interested in piano and they wanted him to learn the skills to nurture that interest.

But they weren’t sure if he was ready to handle the lessons. Or rather, if the lessons could handle him! They had concerns:

Would the format be too rigid and detract from his passion for music? Would their child be too challenged to follow expectations? Then they came in for a Free Piano Kickoff Lesson! and this was their reaction:

“Joe was extremely consultative and enthusiastic in helping Bennett learn from our first interaction. He is adaptive to Bennett’s ability and works well with him. This was something I didn’t get from other teachers I engaged.”

When you take the Free Piano Kickoff Lesson, you will:

• Watch your child learn four songs in 15 minutes!
• Gain an understanding of exactly what makes the Accelerated Piano Program so powerful
• Schedule your child’s first Acclerated Piano Class.
• Get full email text and phone support

How to get started

• Click the button below and either call or fill out the painless short form.
• I will contact you within 24 hours to set up the Free Piano Kickoff Lesson!